Frequently asked questions

Contribly is a platform for inviting audience participation, streamlining & monetising its management. The Contribly tools are ideal for building a community on your terms.

Contribly manages your User Generated Content (UGC), whilst assisting media companies gather, verify, curate & publish content anywhere to build active revenue generating communities. 

Contribly started life in The Guardian’s busy newsroom, where editors wanted to engage their global audience & turn their users into contributors.

User Generated Content (UGC) is content created by your audience – images, photos, video, stories and more. All content you see on any social media page is UGC.

UGC is the primary way the public are active online. It Is also the primary driver of social media’s value.

Leveraging UGC enables businesses to create engagement and conversation with its consumers. 

Brands and digital marketers recognise UGC for its power to reach customers as  consumers trust and interact with content created by their peers over that of a brand. This is why social media ‘influencers’ are so highly valued.

User generated content (UGC) is how audiences interact online – any picture, video, comment, story, post or interaction that happens on any platform is considered UGC. The power of these interactions can be ideal for marketers, companies and sponsors alike, but they are much more useful if these interactions are taking place on your site, on your terms. 

Through UGC you can build a community and gather data and knowledge that allow you to be in control and build new revenue streams.

UGC on your site, on your terms is different to the kind you find on social media or publications professionally edited stories:

> Its trusted, because people trust content created by their peers.
> It’s interesting because they are call-outs that you have created and it’s moderated
> it’s of high quality because the audience has examples of what is expected, naturally compete with each other and they don’t want to embarrass themselves on a high profile publication seen by many

Through UGC you can build a community and gather data and knowledge that allow you to be in control and build new revenue streams.

Contribly does not own or control your audience & content; you do!

You choose where you go & how go; Contribly addresses the difficult parts of UGC: Quality, Quantity, Gathering, Licensing, Verification, Publishing and Community building.

Contribly’s platform & system does this automatically & we have extensive experience of doing so for profitable organisations such as The Guardian & others.

Contribly is highly adept at leveraging new revenue streams such as:

Sponsorship; Pay to enter competitions; Content Reuse; Targeted campaigns; which all drive more traffic to your site & enabling you to generate many more opportunities outside of the ‘usual’ scenarios.

Contribly offers flexible contractual arrangements to suit your needs working on specific assignments or specific campaigns or on long term licence. 

No. Our aim is always to bring greater benefits to our clients than they would have obtained by passively ceding their Social Media strategy to the likes of FB, Twitter & Snapchat who simply monetise your content for their benefit. 

Every post on Social Media is an abrogation of strategy.  Its a loss of value in return for increasingly dubious claims of ‘followers’ which you rarely know or are able to interact with & with whom you cannot leverage commercially.

In June this year, Google changed their algorithms which affected publishers worldwide. The Daily Mail lost half of its organic website traffic overnight!

The global publishing sector has recognised the danger of third party social media, especially the loss of control. 

Contribly recommends a dual track approach, focussing on reach whilst we help you build your UGC as a point of gravity for your fans, providing them a genuine place to go.  Not just a link for them to follow. Then we capitalise this in various ways such as new online marketplaces, memberships, events & much more.

Hitherto our clients have come from the publishing sector. Clients such as the “Irish Times”, “20 Minutes”, “Encyclopaedia Britannica”, “CNN”, “El Confidencial”, “The Guardian”, “Malta Today”, “UK Parliament”, “Boston Globe” etc. 

Now is the moment to expand into global sport given its huge & diverse demographic & social engagement opportunities.

Contribly has been working with publishers since 2014. We started in The Guardian newsrooms as ‘n0tice’ and since have spanned out to be able to reach different markets and customers. The award-winning tools were robustly built for scalability as they have used by leading publishers and tv broadcasters globally. We are now sharing our community building and engagement expertise with the sports industry, helping teams around the world tap into their audience who long to be involved.