Build more human,
more profitable relationships with your community

on your terms and at scale

Loved by teams around the world to build online, real, active and profitable relationships with their audience

Let's embrace the power of UGC and the data that matters together.

Here's how:

Easy to use tools that bring you closer to your audience.

Tools that help you understand your community better: who they are, what resonates with them and what they care about.

Stress-tested at the Guardian, our award-winning tools help you interact with your community by collecting a bucket-load of their stories, images and videos via a range of copy & paste call-out widgets you can place anywhere (on your website or your app).

A set of proven strategies to drive new revenue

We help your organisation drive new revenue via UGC

We have a proven track record of helping brands and publishers unlock new revenue streams through the power of UGC. We start by assessing your needs and coming up with a tailored solution to ensure you maximise Contribly’s commercial potential.

Smarter ways to collect data to grow your relationship with your audience & business

With Contribly, you can collect useful data to power your CRM,  your brand-building and revenue-generating efforts in a more human, insight-led way.

Forget about generic, anonymised ‘insights’ from social media platforms which don’t tell you anything about the real  people in your community! With Contribly, your community takes the stage whilst you discover what matters to them. And you can use this real insight to make your content / your marketing really stick and your communities more loyal. It’s all about more human, more meaningful, more profitable relationships, while being completely GDPR compliant.

People powered stories at scale, in an instant

Significantly reduce the time it takes to collect and publish all your community’s stories, opinions and  ideas at any scale.

Gather quality content, clear usage permissions, verify, moderate and publish in one quick go, all whilst being GDPR compliant.  Imagine the amazing articles, galleries and maps that show off your talented community and celebrate your trusted relationship.

Get started straight away

The Contribly tools are ready to use. No devs required to set it up. What are you waiting for?

What our customers say

"Contribly enables us to act as a platform for our users to become part of the story.

It has halved the time it takes for us to deal with user generated content."
"We have more than doubled our competition entries! It’s certainly down to the ease of use and the fact that you can upload from mobile devices using Contribly. I'd call it a success!"
"Super useful and effective. Contribly has opened up exciting new opportunities and interactions with our audience. It's made it possible to centralise our workflow, and the tool's flexibility works brilliantly with the variety of topics that we publish."

Let's put the real people in our communities and their stories centre stage.

Audience stories shared directly with the brands they care about
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Find out how our partners are building deeper, more profitable communities


Building trust in the media and a deeper understanding of how Coronavirus is affecting everyone’s lives from day one.

Contribly example Irish Times abroad

The Irish Times

Becaming a platform for the Irish population abroad and changing the way they interact with their readers.

Farmers Weekly

From a legacy system to doubling the amount of audience photos received for sponsored competitions. What a success!

Real relationships with your community

The Benefits

With the Contribly expertise and the power of UGC you can keep all the value you get from your current social media strategy – all while gaining the benefits of really building your community and harnessing the data that matters. 

New revenue streams

Own and effectively use the data

Control all the content

Publish masses of new content

Increase brand loyalty

Strategy opportunities for the future

the value of UGC and building more human relationships for your brand

The numbers don't lie

say they’d be more likely to continue engaging with from a brand if it shared their photo, video or post
1 %
More engagement on social media content than editorial content
1 x
of audiences say that UGC makes content more authentic
1 %

In the demo we will:

– Discuss your needs and goals
– Present customer cases and Contribly partnerships
– Give you a short introduction to the platform

Contribly example Irish Times abroad