World Nurse Day

In celebration of World Nurse day, the Irish Times Abroad invited Irish nurses working overseas to share their stories about what it’s like to work as a nurse where they live – using the Contribly platform’s copy & paste widgets.

The stories were used to create this Irish Times article.

The Irish Times were able to collect, moderate, verify and publish these stories using the Contribly tools. The Contribly Platform made it effective and efficient to develop this article, saving time and money.

Journalists worked together to build a link with their audience and develop a community they can work with for future stories, for instance to provide information to nursing professionals considering moving overseas, or equally, those considering returning.

The beauty of user generated content is that so many occasions like this example, World Nurse Day, provide you with an opportunity to reach out to your audience and tell their stories. Each time you do so you are strengthening your relationship with them. Contribly’s award-winning user generated content platform makes this process efficient and safe.

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