Validate Everything

With Contribly you can publish user generated content with confidence. Contibly’s in-built validation tools mean you don’t have to sacrifice validation checks even when you’re receiving many hundreds or even thousands of images from your community.

Let’s take an example. The weather forecasters are predicting a hurricane – a golden opportunity to get some fantastic photos from your community. The weather is always a great talking point so these photo galleries are bound to be popular. For example The Guardian receives several hundred images a month for their weather assignments on Guardian Witness which runs on the Contribly Platform.

Before you publish, you’ll want to verify that each photo and video meets your publishing standards. You’ll need all media contributions that you publish to be genuine.

Here’s some of the validation checks to carry out:

1. Check the date and time the image was taken

The Contribly Moderation Tool dashboard shows when an image was taken, with obvious discrepancies flagged for attention. For this example, simply scroll through the images and reject any photos or videos not taken today.

2. Check where the contribution was taken

For a weather event such as this, the location is important. Again, obvious discrepancies are flagged. Triangulate the user-supplied location with the media location and reject any images that have not been taken where the weather event is happening.

3. Has the image been manipulated?

This validation check is built into your Contribly workflow. Open the image EXIF data to make sure the image is genuine.

4. Has the image been published elsewhere?

Perform a Google image search from the Moderation Tool dashboard to check the image hasn’t come from another website.

5. Do I have the rights to publish?

Yes. No need to waste time on legals. Your teams can use Contribly images and videos secure in the knowledge they have users’ permissions.

Once you’re satisfied, populating your photo galleries with validated images is done with one click. As you can see, Contribly enables you to publish user generated content with confidence.

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