How to keep your brand relevant instantly

Your brands relevance during the petrol shortage:
Do you have the tools to involve people in minutes?

During the past week the petrol shortages in the UK have created real chaos. One that electric car manufacturers could have made a field day with. Just imagine all the smug electric car drivers in the UK driving (or attempting to) drive past petrol stations with queues of people waiting for their turn.

Did the electric cars marketing teams have what they needed to capture and show off their smug satisfied customers and develop their digital marketing efforts and data in the process?

Imagine how you could boost a campaign or be instantly relevant when something is trending. Create a call-out to all and instantly have a gallery all over your platforms with masses of content showing off your customers and your brand. 51% of people say they’d be more likely to continue engaging with a brand if it shared their photo, video or story.

As a tool originally created for news and media, Contribly has all the necessary components to involve audiences at scale in the blink of an eye. 

Extreme Weather situations? Hurricanes? Protests? The news organisations have the power to gather audience stories and reactions, then verify and publish them in moments. They can even target individuals within their audience that happen to be in that area.

Do you have the tools to really ride the wave when something happens? Get your community to engage in something you do?

How do you make sure your brand is relevant with trends and changes? We would love to hear your strategies.

Contribly has the UGC tools and strategies that help you act instantly.

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