How to use beautiful photo galleries to boost engagement

We’ve all got fantastic photos on our phones – having that technology in our pocket means we can capture a photo opportunity whenever it arises.  Get your community sharing their best photos with you using the Contribly photo gallery widget. It’s a win-win for everyone. Your audience share their photos and see their favourite photos published on your platform. You get beautiful photo galleries on your website. Visitors to your site get to browse the photos, ‘like’ and ‘share’ their favourites.


People love to see peer content – it builds trust with your brand and the sense of being part of something bigger.  Providing opportunities for your community and target audience to share their photos with you can be a hugely valuable exchange for your brand and your content, and at the same time, really boost engagement.  

How it works

It couldn’t be easier using the Contribly Hub. Just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1 – Set up your gallery 

Step 2 – Copy the code snippets into your webpages and apps.    

Step 3 – Publish! 

Your gallery is constantly refreshed with more great photos as they come in.

Not just lifestyle - news too

Photo galleries of cute pets, Christmas trees, Halloween pumpkin carvings and babies are all hugely popular.  But because it’s so quick and easy to set up a photo gallery, you can tap in to opportunities from breaking news and seize the moment to make your news content more engaging.


We love this example from our Belgian client, HBVL. When scientists reported that an unusual combination of Spring weather conditions had the effect of making summer blooms bigger and brighter than usual, HBVL’s news story, covered the scientists’ explanations and invited readers to share photos of their own summer flowers, publishing these in a photo gallery alongside the news article. Images flooded in from proud gardeners across the region, creating a truly stunning gallery. Readers spent time browsing the photos of beautiful blooms in their locality, liking and sharing their favourites. The outcome – a huge boost in engagement!


When covering challenging topics, such as the climate emergency,  and the cost of living crisis, use engagement to shine a light on how people are responding to issues.  ‘Show us how you’re taking action to reduce your carbon footprint’ , ‘Share your photos of No Mow May’, ‘Share your hacks for keeping warm’ are just some of the ways our clients are reaching out to their communities to involve them in news coverage.


Just some of the many ways you can start getting your audience involved and engaged today. is deeply committed to engaged and contributive journalism through Contribly’s tools. We really want to strengthen the trust in media. We want to take the voices of our audience really in account. 

Audience participation is a very good way to understand them better, their concerns, interests, feelings… In a nutshell, this audience engagement experience is more than a success.
We will pursue and amplify this work and the connection with our audience.We’re proud to promote this humble way of listening and answering!

Anne Kerloc’h

Editor-in-chief -

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